Breeze Computer Solutions (formerly Breeze IT Services) specializes in helping you select and implement cost effective hardware and software solutions for your business. Many of our solutions do not require any software license fees.

  • Servers – We install and setup file servers, mail servers, database servers and more. You can even have your own “cloud” server. Your servers, your data, your location, your control.

  • VOIP Phone Systems – Unlimited Extensions, Voicemail to Email, Music On Hold, Conference Calls and much more.

  • Surveillance Systems – We provide a complete surveillance solution allowing capture, analysis, recording and monitoring of security cameras.

  • Access from anywhere – We provide VPN software for secure remote access to your office network.


Providing computer solutions for over 25 years, we utilize license free open source software to increase your capabilities and profits. There are thousands of free software applications that provide vast capabilities and savings for businesses.


I can’t praise Gary enough! Besides being a major brainiac geekazoid (haha!) who has helped me out of some tight spots many times, Gary is a man of integrity and he really cares about his clients. And he’s become a great friend. Thanks Gary! You’re very appreciated!

Gary and his team are always there to respond to any issues with professional and prompt service. I would recommend them in a heartbeat! Thanks Gary and team for your continued support

Sue Goodner, Cambridge Petroleum

I’ve known Gary for over 10 years. He has been involved with my computers and various projects all along the way. He’s been abundantly honest and caring. It would be a big mistake if you misread his humility for not knowing his stuff. He really is an amazing guy, someone you can completely trust to help you and charge a very fair price.

Chuck Morgan

Gary responds quickly whenever we request his help with our computers and equipment. He can easily remote into our computers or will travel to our work place to fix any and all technical issues. We rely heavily on him for technical help as well as building and making changes to our website.

Kelly Schorr, Schorr Law Firm

Gary is great. I appreciate his integrity and competence. We feel safe with things in his hands.

Ben Carroll, SME™ Chancellor

Great company to manage our office computer needs. Helps us keep our company running. Very fair pricing.

Gary is honest and trustworthy. He always keeps his client’s needs in mind. His rates are reasonable and fair. You will be glad you trusted his company to take care of your IT needs!


I highly recommend Breeze Computer Solutions. We have had numerous occasions to utilize Gary’s expertise and have always been appreciative, and often in awe, of his technical prowess and ability to quickly track down the problem and remedy it. He has a great personality and a heart of service, both of which are rare in the service industry. Do not hesitate to call him for any of your technical needs.

Very helpful with all IT needs

Gary has been our IT guy for as long as I have been with my company (10+ years). Frankly, I don’t know what I would do without him! He is very responsive and always helps me understand the problem AND walks me through the solution. He can remote in to my computer which is extremely helpful since I don’t always know exactly the right words to explain the issue I am experiencing. Breeze Computer Solutions is a “MUST HAVE” service!

Shannon Holt, Schorr Law Firm
Gary does a great job! He has done IT work for us for many years, and I trust him completely.
Rusty Moore

We have been using Breeze (Gary) for over 15 years. He is so responsive dedicated and a true professional. Never overcharged and always helps our firm save money but stay safe with our technology. He has installed new servers, phone systems, provided support in moving to our new offices.

Deanna Carroll, SOVARE